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You can execute equities and derivatives trades through online trading and Gedik Mobile, or access online to Borsa Istanbul through e-broker systems preferred and used by professional traders.

Gedik Private offers investors direct online access to Borsa Istanbul (BIST 100) and Borsa Istanbul Derivatives Markets (VIOP). In addition to Gedik Private Online Services, you can execute your equity and derivatives trades from e-brokerage systems and Gedik mobile app on your smart phones, while you review your portfolio to have detailed information on transactions and securities held and make wire transfers.

Daily equity recommendations are made via Gedik Private Strategy (GPS) reporting. Investment recommendations can be buying or selling short. We will coordinate the borrowing for the stocks sold short.

Our VIOP investors receive daily GPS recommendations on a daily basis as well as intra-day revisions and important updates via instants SMS messaging, and through our Wealth Executives.

We can link you to Equity and Derivatives Markets through the following ways:

Gedik Private Online

With Gedik Private Online;

you can access to your account summaries, statements, and make transfers between accounts, make EFT transfers to their accounts with different banks. You can monitor equity and derivatives prices live via WEBFX. You can change your login and password information whenever you need

Gedik Mobile

Gedik Private Investors can have access to mobile apps using their Gedik Mobile and Gedik I-phone.

You can also access on Gedik Mobile:

  • My Page
  • Markets
  • News
  • E-Calendar